how to easily create a successful Google AdWords advertising campaign

how to easily create a successful Google AdWords advertising campaign

How to easily create a successful advertising campaign with Google AdWords Imagine, dear reader, how absurd it is to find someone on the street handing out a brochure about selling a service like “Search Engine Optimization”!

Or, for example, sell residential apartments or properties from a large real estate company? How many people will understand the topic? How many people on the street are interested in or actually need this good or service? How many people will be able to access it? How many people will just throw the brochure on the ground and stomp on it? .

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Not to mention the cost of printing and the salary of the people distributing this brochure and the possibility that the result will be practically zero!

Because you have not currently used the correct advertising method and have applied using the old method, which no longer makes sense given the prevalence of the Internet.

While Google AdWords allows you to reach potential and serious customers, accurately determine advertising costs, and create and monitor them from your phone screen!

What is better??

Well, the question answered itself.

Some people find it difficult to know the correct steps that will allow them to create a successful advertising campaign on Google AdWords, and when they finally learn these steps, they have wasted a lot of time and money on trials and experiments, even though this The steps required are simple, they are simply impossible, but after this article that will change completely.

Because this article contains advice and experiences from pioneers in this field.

That’s why we summarize our advice in simple words

Organize-study focus

First, organize your ideas the way you should write them on your campaign goal sheet. Also write down the basic steps to create an advertising campaign on Google AdWords, because if you forget any of them, you will lose your campaign. You will learn these steps in this article.

Second, study your competitors’ local ads and monitor their keywords that made their ads successful, as well as their landing pages and anything else that makes their advertising distinctive.

Third, focus on the ideas you gathered in the previous two steps and how to get the most out of your advertising. View the ad the way the buyer wants the product. Will they buy your ad when they see it? Now let’s look at the steps to create an ad.

Step one: Sign in to Google AdWords

This step is very important because without it you will not be able to complete the rest of the steps. To do this you must enter the following link:

Then complete the remaining required steps.

Congratulations, you have a Google AdWords account and are ready for the next step.

Step two: Choose the right keywords

This step is the most important because for your advertising campaign to be successful, you need to choose keywords that will attract prospective buyers, not just passing visitors.

Therefore, you need to know the words that buyers use when searching. There are many free tools to find out, such as the Rank Tracker program and the Google Ads Keywords tool.

You’ve now piqued the interest of a prospective buyer… what’s next?

Step three: Watch your competitors

When searching for Shopping ads, use the same keywords so you know how much competition there is for the product or service you are selling. This allows you to track the pros and cons of each keyword and learn a lot about the field.

The experience you can gain in this step cannot be passed on to you by anyone or any training. Therefore, pay full attention to studying competitors and the market.

Step four: Define your goal

Clearly define the desired goal of the campaign to avoid distracting the customer. This will help you choose the right and effective search terms for that particular target.

If the goal of the campaign is to sell something, the campaign theme should contain that content.

Setting a precise goal ensures that:

Know the search terms we will use in the ad.

Design an advertising-ready landing page.

Create suitable advertising texts.

Step five: Design the landing page

Are you, dear reader, wondering about the concept of a landing page?

The landing page is the page the visitor goes to after clicking on your ad. The page should therefore be designed specifically for the ad and simply guide you through the steps to complete the purchase process.

Try to keep the steps simple and short so that the visitor does not get bored and change his mind about the purchase, and here you have lost an advisor.

You should also take into account the SEO rules on this page and include all information about the product or service offered, the reasons that motivate the buyer to purchase it and all the characteristics of the product.

The more you take this data into account, the higher your QUALITY SCORE index will be, i.e. H. a higher value that will help you reduce the price of the ad while helping your ad rank higher in search engines.

The Quality SCORE is a value determined by Google and depends on the consideration of the keywords present in the ad and the consideration of SEO rules.

Step Six: Design Different and Different Campaigns

To attract more buyers and visitors, you need to design separate and distinct campaigns. The difference is:

Language: This is the language of advertising

Display method: Search network or websites

Campaign Type: Here it means what is the purpose of using search words and what types they are. Are you looking for service-related search terms or competitor words?

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