How do you prepare for photography at home?

Instant answer to the most common question. Even if you haven’t renovated for a long time, rented a small apartment, your children have completely repainted the wallpaper or you don’t like your furniture/curtains/floor coverings etc., that’s not the main thing. The bottom line is that years later, when you look at these photos, you will see the house that made you feel good. The house where I was happy. The house where your children grew up and where it gives you warmth every day. And they got it back.

How do you prepare for the shoot at home?

1. Choose the brightest room (one that receives plenty of natural light) and open the curtains.

2. Try to remove objects that are too bright from this room as they may create unnecessary spots in the frame. Also, remove all unnecessary items.

3. Bring objects from your hobbies – books, chess, knitting – into the room as desired.

4. Prepare your kitchen for filming. Remove excess, remove cups/plates, prepare or purchase treats.

5. Think about the image. It is advisable to wear simple clothing without large patterns. Pastel colors are welcome.

6. Wear light makeup and style your hair.

7. Expect filming to take place in the first half of the day, taking into account when your children are active.

8. Invite your grandparents to the photo shoot! They always have the hottest shots.

9. Be yourself. It’s your house. Don’t be ashamed of where you really are.

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