complete explanation of all the tools of the Wifislax system

A question that is always repeated in messages on our Facebook page: “Hello, please can you direct me to a topic that explains the complete Wifislax tools?” I find it difficult to answer this question, as it is difficult for me to explain all the tools in his message, and it is also difficult for me to find A comprehensive topic with a thorough explanation that I can rely on to deliver this information and explain the tools to the questioner, which puts me in the option of adding a topic to my To Do List to present a topic that explains Wifislax tools.

Therefore, despite the fact that this topic is long, I will try to do my best to provide a comprehensive explanation of the most important and best Wifislax tools used. Note that I will not explain the intuitive tools that we find in every Linux system, or the tools that are not used at all because they are not tools. Hacking, but only auxiliary tools. To bring the idea closer to you, I will only explain to you the tools in the Wifislax menu. Unfortunately, in the other menus such as Developpement or Multimedia, I will not explain them.

Check with me also, I will explain the tools available in the Wifislax 4.9 version (as it is the only one I have now on my computer to transfer the names of the tools from). Therefore, we apologize if we neglected to explain a tool that is present in advanced versions, so let us begin.

– Airstorm:

A tool specialized in carrying out a denial of service attack on Wi-Fi networks. This tool relies on the principle of deauthentication in order to expel callers to a specific network without even knowing the password for that network. This is done by sending fake callers Zombies on the network, which leads to Overloading the connection causes the original callers to be expelled. The Dos process or denial of service may lead to the network being disrupted and down, which requires restarting the router.

– Ap-Fucker:

It also does the same thing that Airstorm does, but not for the purpose of expelling users from the network, but rather in order to disable the Router, and that is of course through Overloading, which I explained to you above. The Ap-Fucker tool was programmed based on the open source Python script. It is also used by the Mdk3 tool, which we will also explain in this list.


One of the most powerful and most widely used tools in the Wifislax system. The tool allows you to discover all types of networks and penetrate them, each according to their type. The tool works with a graphic interface, so there is no need to save the code or anything like that. After running the tool, it scans all the networks near you, then The networks appear for you, so you choose the method of penetrating the network according to its type. If, for example, WEP appears, the tool suggests that you retrieve the password by collecting IVS and others.

-Fern Wifi Cracker:

It is also a powerful tool in the field of penetrating various types of networks and the experience of hacking them. It was programmed using Python, which is open source and runs on a group of systems, including Windows as well. The tool can penetrate and retrieve passwords for all types of networks: Wep/Wpa/Wpa2 Depending on the type of network, and of course the hacking methods vary, some are for collecting IVS, some are for carrying out a Bruteforce guessing attack, and others. The tool enables you to do all of that.


Another open source tool that you can use to hack and detect Wi-Fi networks. Its original purpose is to analyze the networks originally, but hacking operations can be carried out on it, but not for all types of networks, as through it you can hack into Wep networks, as well as hack into Wpa/Wpa2 infected networks. With WPS, the tool retrieves the handshake and then tries a set of pin codes.


Another well-known tool in the Wifislax system, it has multiple versions, including Wps / Wep / Wpa and others. It is a tool capable of penetrating a group of networks according to the known pattern of each network. It does not use a graphic interface, but it also does not use codes that the user must write in order to Exploiting the tool. It may also be mentioned that the tool is open source if you are interested in developing it, and you can rely on this tool many times.


It is an open source tool programmed using the Java programming language. It relies on the Aircrack-ng technology in order to investigate, detect and analyze Wi-Fi networks. This tool enables you to penetrate and reveal the passwords of both WEP and WPA networks. It also has the feature of changing the Mac Address before starting the hacking process for more protection. As for the hacking methods, they are known for both types and both networks, with some improvements in performance speed, of course.


It is a tool for analyzing networks and the traffic passing through it (Sniffing). It is a tool very similar to Wireshark, but it provides you with a powerful and easy working environment, with some good additions for analyzing and analyzing the traffic and packets passing through the network. It is a good tool. In the Wifislax system, of course, and it can be used in other systems as well.

– SpoonWep2:

It is also a good tool for hacking Wi-Fi networks with Wep encryption, but I personally prefer the FeedingBottle tool to do this process faster. The tool can be used on more than one system, including Mac OS and Windows, but if you are using Wifislax to carry out your operations and you encounter a network With Wep encryption, we recommend using the FeedingBottle or GOYScript Wep tool instead of SpoonWep2 because they are somewhat slow.

-Wifi Metropolis:

Personally, I think it is the best tool for hacking and detecting networks ever, even in the Wifislax distribution. First, because it is comprehensive, as it penetrates all encryptions and vulnerabilities found in networks. It also has the Crunch tool, which we will also explain, which is dedicated to embodying a password dictionary included in the tool. You do not need to download a 10GB dictionary in order to use it, as Metropolis can create one and use it at the same time without downloading it or anything, in addition to including a set of tools within it such as Reaver, Aircrack-ng, and others.


It is also a famous tool in Linux systems, as well as the Wifislax system. It is a special tool for penetrating Wi-Fi networks through the WPS vulnerability using Reaver and other techniques associated with it. It does not depend on the graphics, but rather the console, but it is easy to use of course. The tool is open source and you can Check it out on Github also to know more details about it.


It is a tool dedicated to penetrating WPA/WPA2 networks and encryption by exploiting the WPS vulnerability as well. The program comes with an easy-to-use graphic interface for those who do not want to deal with the console. It also works in a group of systems, and there is a self-booting system dedicated to the tool in case I wanted to use it in Windows or something like that.


A tool available in a group of Linux systems, especially for hacking. The tool is dedicated to examining network ports, and we can say that the Zenmap tool is a graphical interface version of the Nmap tool that runs on the console. You may need the Zenmap tool after you penetrate the network in order to analyze who is communicating with you. The same network and detecting open ports, etc.


Its work is similar to that of the Kismet tool, but in a more professional way and with greater accuracy. It is considered one of the most famous tools for hacking and analyzing packets in systems and managing network connections. The tool is capable of detecting the resulting communications between computers and the locations of the computers connected to you on the network. For example, if You and I connected on the same Wi-Fi network and I entered my password on a site. You are able to extract it, reveal it, and decrypt it as well.

Warcry Access Point:

In fact, I did not hesitate a little in explaining this tool because there are other tools that are more professional than it, but that is no problem. We will add it just to get an idea about it. The tool is intended for creating an Access Point as a kind of trap or something like that in order to attract victims, and perhaps extract from it. Through it, the passwords of the original networks are used, because they simulate the original networks and launch forged and booby-trapped networks.


(Beware of this tool and try to use it rationally). I consider the MDK3 tool one of the most dangerous tools for hacking. This tool allows you to carry out a multi-pattern denial-of-service attack, including expelling those connected to the network, and including dropping the router through the overloading process and making it perform a Reset automatically, but be careful, as it can also cause permanent damage to the router and may cause it to malfunction.


A tool that performs the MITM process, short for Man in the Middle, and it is a process that allows you to spy on those who are communicating with you on the network and retrieve the pictures, videos, websites and other things that they browse. The tool cannot retrieve passwords or written texts, but it also enables you to Inserting some things, such as diverting traffic to a specific site or injecting specific web codes.


Have you ever heard of ARP Spoof? It is a technology that enables you to mediate between the computer and the router before creating the Request. To explain it to you with an example, let us assume that I have a computer and I want to log into Facebook. What I do is that I write the Facebook link, and the login command goes to the router. The router sends it to the DNS Provider and then returns to me with an answer. From the site, ARP Spoof is to mediate the stage of sending data between the computer and the router, so that before the command goes to the router, it passes through my computer first and then to the router, and when it returns, it goes back to my computer and then to the victim’s computer. The ARP Spoof tool enables you to do this by In order to spy on all the commands executed by a specific computer with you in the same network.


Also one of the most famous Wifislax tools is a tool that is based on the console and not on the graphic interface. The tool is considered the second most powerful tool for penetrating Wifi networks by exploiting the WPS loophole. It puts good pressure on routers of this type, and finally pulls out its password along with the PIN.


It is also a great tool for penetrating networks infected with the WPS vulnerability. It relies primarily on the Reaver tool in order to perform the guessing process and reveal the PIN, and it has a graphic interface, so if you are not yet accustomed to the console of the Reaver tool, you can use the Inflator tool to do that, or use GOYScript Wps tool also does this.

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