AOMEI’s free software is now available for a limited time

AOMEI’s free software is now available for a limited time (in celebration of the launch of the iPhone 15)

Various platforms and companies are preparing to launch the new iPhone 15, which is expected to be presented at the Apple conference on September 12th. It is an opportunity that many platforms and other parties use to promote and announce their products, including AOMEI, which announced a number of free programs on the occasion of the launch of the iPhone 15, including support programs for iOS users. You can use these programs for free Download and enjoy on your device.

The star of the show… FoneTool Professional

The star of all free offerings and programs, AOMEI is a subsidiary of FoneTool (a division of AOMEI) and offers an integrated content and file management service for iPhone devices. FoneTool offers it to you during this period if you have purchased an iPhone 15 and want to quickly transfer all your content, data and applications. Not just iPhones, but also iPads and all other types of devices with iOS.

The operation of the program is simple: you install the program (at this point you can download it for free with a special license) and then connect your phone to the computer to view all possible options of this program: transfer programs, transfer files, deleted ones Recover files, recover messages from email services…

After receiving the full version, the program guarantees you access to all services to manage your current and future device. Not only is it relied upon when trying to change phones and transfer data, but it also has many uses:

Transfer your data from iPhone to new iPhone: The most important thing about this program is that you don’t need to reformat your new phone. With just one click, you can extract all data and apps from old iPhone to new one.

Save and restore data: Create a backup copy of all files and data you have on your phone and restore them at any time (backup). This is to prevent your data and files from being lost permanently.

ToolBox Feature: In the FoneTool program, you can find a number of different tools in a single section called ToolBox. ToolBox includes various tools such as a program to permanently delete and remove files without recovery, a program to detect and remove duplicate images, a program to convert images from HEIC to other formats, and a tool to manage WhatsApp messages (Recover, Delete them, make a backup copy…)

Compatible with various iPhones and operating systems: starting with iOS 16, limited support for iOS 17 and support for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 after launch.

This program is now considered optimal for managing your iPhone. Even if not, at least now you get the final version of the program with all paid services.

You can purchase additional programs in this offer

In addition to the star of the show, two other programs are available for free:

The first program is AOMEI Backupper Professional, which costs $39.95 and is available now for free. We have provided a detailed explanation of the program in our article about the Backupper program. It is a program that allows you to create a backup copy of your programs and files and, if lost, restore them through the program itself.

The second program is AnyViewer Professional, which is an ideal alternative to programs such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk for connecting and controlling various devices. If these programs are paid, this program is completely free and you can get it during this period.

There is also a chance to get $200 by posting these offers on your Twitter accounts and other social media platforms.

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